Project Focus

Pivot: Specified our focus from overall from a new form of commerce to promoting financial wellness in the younger generations.


Problem statement: Through design, how do we promote financial awareness and responsibility in the younger generations?

Primary User:

  • Knows how to use products
  • Needs help to stay on budget
  • Soon if not already going t be more financially independent (living on their own or going to university)
  • Likes their phone applications except their mobile banking app (very confusing, often inaccurate, not updated fast enough)
  • Into the latest trends in tech and fashion

Secondary user:

  • Needs a way to get their daughter or son to be more responsible with their finances
  • Doesn’t want to be an overbearing parent but would like to have an overview of their children’s finances
  • Uses applications but wants to be able to be on the same learning curve as their children
  • Notices kids either leave their wallets at home or dont use them at all.

Concept Sketches:




Jacob Tessier, Alan Liu, Jacob Heuman, Gregory Borbon

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