Looking Ahead

3/16: Updates, Vinod Lonahi
3/23: Concept Video (experience prototyping, shadowing, directed storytelling, bodystorming etc.) A concept video example I showed the class before of Fling, a student design project from the Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design. Fling is proposed  hobby gear sharing service: https://vimeo.com/148613205 This shows a lower fidelity “sketchy” concept video of the overall user experience. Not great audio but provides an example. For the final presentation, the fidelity and visual integrity should be higher.
3/30 – 4/13: Studio work sessions
4/13: MVP (minimum viable product) Videos, physical models, wireframes, renderings, software simulations etc.
4/20: Soft presentation of final project + evaluation plan
4/27: Final presentation with results and findings from evaluation – Ryan Vernon, Google

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