Final Reflection

This course was very interesting. I had a lot of fun working with the CS students. It was stretching to learn how to communicate and explain ideas to one another. When taking this class I thought that it was going to be pretty different. For example, I thought there were going to be more opportunities to learn how to code and also learn the back ground behind CS. It felt like another studio class. Last semester I worked on a project that was UX design and this project felt very similar to that. But overall, it was a good experience.

The project we worked on was a lot of fun. I love finding problems and not just complaining about them… I love trying to solve them. Especially when it helps a large group of people. I am very proud on my team and all of the hard work we put forth into our project. HOLLER was super fun to research and design for. Also, we got good feedback about the idea from those who would be our user, so that is always very supportive.

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