For starters this class is not what I expected it to be, not in a bad way just very different. When we came together with computer science kids I thought we would learn a little more about what they did and they would learn a little more about industrial design. I believe the time constraints did not make that possible. Instead, we both used the strengths we already had for the final projects, which as I said before was not a bad thing but rather different than what I expected. It might have been fun to switch up the roles even if the work quality would have taken a hit. Regardless of that, I think the class has a lot of value and potential for both ID and CS. With a few tweaks it could be even better than it was this year.

As for the final project, I loved working on something I am passionate about for the industry I want to be in. What I did wish was that there was more time to round out the idea and make a working prototype. Had we been able to make this system really work, I think CLIC could have been that much more. Even so, my group was awesome to work with – everyone was on top of their stuff so there were no all – nighters or issues with someone not doing enough. We all worked so well together. Overall I’m happy with our final deliverable and that we were able to express our idea in a way that everyone was able to understand.

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