This class actually went fairly similar to my expectations, in that we worked alongside people in computer science to make a more market-ready product than we tend to design. I think as a class it was successful given the fact that we only met once a week. I think it could be much more successful as a full alternative to our regular studio, provided the cs students could take that as an alternative to some classes as well. I understand this may not be realistic now, but seeing the similarities in our programs in terms of design and the ever-overlapping boundaries of the two subjects, I think in the future it could be possible. The class could be something really incredible if we allocated all our normal studio hours to it.

As far as our final project, I was pretty happy with how far we got. I think it could always be taken further, but considering the limited time we had to meet due to our schedules, I was happy with the result. In a perfect world we would have got some mason bees or set it up near other bee boxes for testing, but between training the network and making form decisions, we took longer than expected. I still believe the idea has potential, and I’d like to explore it more, if not with this team, than individually.


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