I enjoyed the class because I was genuinely interested in the GroceryHop app that we worked on. Conducting surveys and figuring out what the market needs has been a non-linear & a very educational process which I think gave me great insight in terms of creating products/apps with user in mind. As an ID student, it was also pretty remarkable to see the app come to life through coding. I also learned storytelling through videos which will be beneficial in my studies as a designer.

That being said, I wish we were introduced to coding and CS software in class. Although there was great collaboration and communication with our CS classmates, I initially thought that we would get some sort of exposure to what CS students learn. I am definitely interested in coding and will be trying to learn the basics in my free time in the future.

Overall, I think we came a long way since the beginning of the class, delving truly into what the user wants and how to provide it to them. Our team was overall passionate and interested in the topic we chose, so the positive group atmosphere was definitely a plus.

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