Class Reflection

The CS class has been an introduction into a new world of innovation. The part I feel I took away from the most was the amount of ways design has delved into new industries I haven’t even thought of. When people told me User Interface I was completely ignorant to what that actually meant. I know understand that it is ore than just designing screens for a phone or tablet. It truly means the whole experience of interacting with a product or service. When I apply that ideology with my design thinking it completes the whole journey of a product. Before I would think of products or services in fragments and I would try to piece together the experience which often made my user journeys feel cohesive or at times un-resolved.

Walking away from this class it has certainly sparked an interest in how we share information with each other and third parties. I was always aware that my information was never truly private which is why I was always careful what I put out on the internet. What I wasn’t aware of was how my information was being used and that I actually have more power to distribute the information i put out there than I think.

Overall I would say the class was very informative and insightful. It laid a foundation for successful steps to collaborate with people outside my industry.


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