End of Semester Reflection

I would have to say my thoughts on how this class was going to go was different from how the class actually went. It was an interesting experience overall though.

I would have liked to learn more about the processes UX designers take(and compare that to what we learn in our HCI courses). One big thing that I wish I could’ve gotten from this class would be learning about what applications other students used for efficient prototyping and presentation design. A class like this is really cool and allows different majors to work together so they can better understand each other and better prepare for working in industry. That being said, if the different majors only work on things they already know, it doesn’t really help anyone learn. Overall, I think this class was valuable in different ways and I would definitely take it again if I had to redo this semester.

When it comes to the final project, I think getting more time to work on it (if the class stays one day a week) would go a long way. In addition, having hard deadlines, that were announced in advanced, throughout the class might have been more helpful. I wish knowledge could have been better shared throughout my project group but I’m happy with our end product. I think working with different types of people can be very beneficial for our futures.

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