End of the Semester Reflection

As the semester comes to a close, I can say I explored topics I never really thought of exploring before taking this course. Although, this class was not exactly how I pictured it being, as I thought we would learn the in-depth skills necessary to develop user interfaces and user experience alongside computer science majors, but I do feel like did learn a lot from taking this course.

This was my first real interdisciplinary course with people from different backgrounds. I really enjoyed working with the computer science majors and learning how to communicate effectively and understand their world and terms. I do feel like I gained more confidence in how I am able to communicate with others of different educational backgrounds. Being able to work with computer science majors allowed me to understand a basic universal “language”. I do wish we had more opportunities to take part in these type of interdisciplinary courses, although I hope in the future these classes can be more fleshed out on the academic credit side.

I also quite enjoyed the brief discussions we had earlier on in the semester. Coming from mainly studio based courses, it was refreshing to have discussions on the same readings. However, I do feel like we spent too much time working on the wallet project, and as an ID major I understand why we did it. But I did not feel like I gained as much as the computer science people when doing the assignment, because the wallet project was a basic example of the ID ideation process; a process most CS people have not experienced. I wished we had a similar crash course into a process CS people do or maybe a lecture on how to “bridge the gap” when designing apps or coding websites, like a brief overview.

Working on the final project with my group, Holler, was actually awesome. It was one of the few group projects I feel like we were all on the same page for majority of the process. We got excited about agreeing and finalizing parts of our user experience and app, and were really able to encourage each other. I think our final presentation all came together extremely well mainly because we were all on our same page and weren’t afraid of clarifying things when we were confused.

I will say that I did not expect the amount of work we had to do for this course. I do feel it was hard to balance along side our studio work, since we were basically doing the same program and amount of work as a normal 6 credit course Studio lab. Since UX took away our Friday work times and added another project, it was hard to find a balance of either one and sometimes I felt I needed to choose one over the other with each week. I think we should offer UX as a course by itself, not apart of Studio. That way, it doesn’t detract from Studio.

Overall, I really enjoyed the class and the almost casual atmosphere we fostered when it came to learning. If it was offered again, but with tweaks and promise of learning more in-depth UX/UI design, I would definitely consider taking this course again, or maybe just sitting in on the lectures about UX/UI design!


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