Final Reflection

  • FINAL PROJECT EXPERIENCE: The final project really came together within the last two to three weeks of the deadline. We started really slow with it but when the deadline approached and deliverables were asked for, it really kicked us into high gear. I’m really happy with the point we were at by the end and I think we made a really solid prototype that worked to the standards we wanted. The biggest struggle of the whole project was meeting together as a group. We all had different schedules and to find time for all of us to get together was very difficult, however to counter that struggle we met in twos and threes if we were unable to get all four of us together. We also divided the work up to each person so that we could work on our own time on our own respective parts. The other big struggle was that this project required so much attention that it took away from the time I could have used to make my studio project better. However that being said, I enjoyed this project and the outcome more so than what I made in studio. We hope to potentially go further with our project during time we will have in the summer.


  • UX CLASS THOUGHTS: This was a class that is very similar to studio in the sense that we had a project to complete by a deadline. What was different was the activities we did throughout the project such as the “act out your product” activity or the one with the three cards. I found these activities very helpful in brainstorming and getting excited about the project we were working on which is something that is not always the case within studio. I also gained experience with wiring and making an electronic function to a very small degree. What I wish I could have learned more of was the basis of coding or at least some beginner knowledge on how it works because to me it’s still just a bunch of letters and numbers and I do not know how it fits together. This class was pretty cool overall and I a excited to throw our project into my portfolio, but I do wish that I learned a little more CS knowledge because for the most part I was in charge of ID stuff and the CS counterparts were in charge of the CS stuff which should be expected. If there was a way to almost force us to work on the opposite of what we’re used to working on (CS<->ID) that would be a really cool innovation if this class is repeated again.

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