Final Reflection

Tuesday, May 1st Please post your final presentation on the class team google drive and your personal reflection on the blog. The blog post should describe your final project experience and your thoughts on the UX class. Please post by 5pm on Tuesday.

My final project experience was uncomfortable but enjoyable. I had to push myself a lot in areas that I was not completely used to! Especially with 3D printing which required me to learn one of my weakness which is Computer aided Industrial design. I also had a pretty good experience trying to understand the dynamics between CS and industrial design!

One of my biggest qualms with the class is that I would’ve enjoyed learning more about the basics of coding like coding jargon, the programs that are needed in UI/UX field (sketch, invision, axure, adobe xd) and anything else that we need to really pursue the field. The field is growing immensely but so is the competition behind it! We need the proper knowledge and understanding for us to know how to navigate to companies that are going to help us improve ourselves as ui/ux designers/developers.

I would like to say thank you for pushing us! This class was definitely a push. There were times that I wished to have it a little bit slower paced but in the end the class worked out. The project has been one of my favorites. I do think that this class can branch out to further into a bigger part and hopefully if there are more UI/UX opportunities I will definitely  be willing to partake again!


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