Final Reflections

Coming into this semester, I didn’t really know what to expect due to the newly developed nature of the course. However, I really liked the set up of having half CS students & half ID students and was interested to see what dish could be cooked out of this melting pot of a classroom. It was really cool to be able to expose each other of our respective disciplines. Despite only being able to meet once a week, I found class time to be both enjoyable and stimulating. It was beneficial, especially for our final project, to discuss various ways technology is currently being used in the world today, how it would affect our users, and eventually change society as a whole.

I always knew that UX Design is a vital part of our society, a way to bridge the gap between technology and people. However, this class really opened my eyes to exactly how much of an impact it could have not only technologically, but also socially. It is powerful enough to create massive waves in society: from the way individuals can reduce water usage, spend money more intelligently, etc.

Other than having more frequent class times, one other thing that would have been more beneficial is to have a longer period of time to work on our final project. I think that extending the amount of time for us to work on our project would have allowed us CS and ID folks to be able to intertwine each other’s skills and be able to learn & execute the discipline of the opposite major towards our final project. It was very helpful to have one professor from each field of study, so that every student felt fully understood and that our individual needs have been met. Even though the majority of CS and ID students stuck to our own specialties, working with each other and meshing ideas together brought a unique real-world experience inside of a classroom. Overall, this class has been a great balance between the world of CS and ID. It has been a fun and enlightening semester!

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