Having one and a half studios this semester was definitely crazy at times, but I think it was worth it. This class gave us the opportunity to go behind the scenes in a way and see how much work really goes into programming. I wish that there had been opportunities for the design students to learn about coding and maybe gain a very basic ability by the end of the semester (which is kind of what I thought this class would be), but I understand how our time limitations made that pretty impossible. I think it would be awesome if this class developed into a twice-a-week course so that CS and ID students could learn basic skills in each others’ majors to make collaboration and splitting up work on the main project easier.


At first, I really can’t say I was too excited about our final project (Holler) because I was out of town on the day each group chose their topics. However, when I got back, I was glad to be in a group that had a solid problem and a promising idea on how to solve it. I think this was an important project to have since lots of industrial design jobs incorporate UX and UI design, and I personally appreciated it since I didn’t have any kind of UX work in my portfolio before this. I also definitely got a better understanding of app design by learning what was and wasn’t feasible from a coding perspective. Overall, I think that I’ve gained a solid base knowledge of app and UX/UI design that I’m excited to carry over into future projects.

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