I think there are two necessary components to properly develop an idea. One component is building the legitimacy of an idea by adhering to the scientific method and proper research practices, and the other component is expressing and presenting the idea in a manner that others can understand. As a CS major used to the rigor of algorithms, efficiency, and heavy mathematics, I came into UX with a strong background in building the legitimacy of an idea; however, my skills in expressing and presenting an idea were quite underdeveloped.

By participating in this UX course, I was able to improve my ability to express and present an idea. What fascinates me the most is how seamlessly the entire learning experience was orchestrated. By providing a semester long, team project, I was provided the opportunity to learn by doing. Not only did I learn new ways of thinking (user journey, storyboarding, card sorting), but I was also introduced to new digital design tools such as Adobe Indesign and AutoDesk Fusion to help my ideas really pop. Overall, participating in this course was invaluable, and I leave with an expanded awareness and imagination.


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