Final Reflection

I was very excited for this class as I know that interdisciplinary work is a vital part of any ID job and I especially was curious about UX design and what collaboration with CS means for a designer. I was very proud of our final product and really enjoyed my time solving problems in a way I have never done before. I definitely was happy to have the opportunity to practice design research and user testing with a product that wasn’t as focused on physical ergonomics but more on emotional perception. I don’t think it was this this class in particular, but I had a very overwhelming work load this semester and I definitely do not think that having two “studio projects” helped the situation which is what this class felt like. I really loved the discussions we had in class about UX design, I think the informal atmosphere really got me interested in the subject and it definitely inspired me to look into more UX focused projects in the future. I think the pace for the final project was good, it definitely started a little slow so that I felt like the steps at the end were a little to big and felt kind of stressful especially because they came at a time in the semester that everyone was dealing with a lot of work in their other classes as well.

While I really enjoyed the class and am glad I took it, there are definitely some things I wish were different. I learned a little about the work of CS students and what sort of things they need to consider when coding,  but not quite as much as I had hoped. I wished that the class had taught me the basics of coding or at least just understanding what happens when someone sits down to make an app. Sure I was able to design the interface on illustrator but I know how to do that and I felt like this class had major potential to teach me something unique. I feel like each student just stuck with their individual strengths and weren’t given the opportunity to learn something new. I feel like I could have easily done what I did for this project as any other studio project and maybe I wouldn’t have a functional prototype at the end, but its not like I did that for this project anyways. I know its hard with the weird timing of the class meeting times, but I definitely think we could have had more “workshops” to at least build our understanding and of the subject so at the very least I could feel comfortable talking with a CS person about what needs to happen or what they are doing, even if I myself am unable to do it. The whole project I would come up with ideas but I wasn’t quite sure if it was actually feasible and I still wouldn’t know. As a designer I think I could come up with more successful designs if I know what can be done or what is the most efficient way to solve a problem. The last thing I think that should be improved for the class was communication. The blog was a good idea but definitely had a learning curve (maybe thats just me haha) I found myself missing announcements and wasn’t sure quite how to post or what exactly the professors wanted from my post. I also felt as if we received the specifications for due dates at a very short notice if at all. I would talk to other groups and everyone seemed to have a different idea of what we needed to do. Despite these few issues which is expected of a beta class, I believe my group maintained a good dynamic and handled the whole project very well and I am glad to have gained the experience.


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