My final project experience was overall pretty good.  I really enjoyed working on the bee project.  I found the topic interesting and I learned a lot about design.  As for my CS experience, I used this class as a way to learn some new technologies that I hadn’t used before, so I spent a lot of time using AWS, specifically S3 and Lambda.  Toward the end of the final project,  however, I felt like I was spending more time working on learning than I did actually getting the job done.  I also felt that toward the end of the project, that I was not actually very useful.   We took a while to get started and then by the time that we actually needed to produce our results, we needed more from the design side than we did from the programming side.  We needed to get more done, but I didn’t know how to help.

Overall, I think the class had a lot more design than I expected.  Of course, looking back, this is dumb because clearly design is in the title of the course.  But I didn’t feel equipped as a computer scientist to keep up with what the design students were doing.  Part of this is my project choice because there wasn’t a lot of computing that needed to be done, or could be done to actually solve our problems with the time frame that we had.  The wallet exercise at the beginning of the class seemed very drawn out to me.  The computer science students seemed to be learning, but the design students seemed bored by the exercise.  Furthermore, I think that the class could benefit from some more structure.   On one hand it was nice that we could pick our topics, but on the other hand, we couldn’t get started until about 5-6 weeks in.  And at that point, we had done so little work at the beginning of the course that we were not invested in our project when we needed to do more work later on.

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