Final Project Experience

I am very happy how the final project turned out.  For most of the semester it was really slow going, but in the last few weeks it really came together into something I am excited to put onto my portfolio.  It was definitely hard to give the project the time it probably deserved while having a whole other studio project to balance.

I really enjoyed learning Adobe XD and putting an app together as well as really thinking about user journeys.  I do wish I was able to learn some other skills/knowledge from the project such as basic coding concepts, or other UX specific prototyping tools.  Also, I would have liked for our group to be slightly larger (we only had 3 people) in order to go more in depth in the CS side of the project.  All in all I had a good experience and I’m glad to have done the project.


Thoughts on UX Class

This class definitely made me much more versed in the world of UX design.  Before the class I had a pretty vague idea of all it entailed and its implications.  I really enjoyed the different discussions we had throughout the semester about data sharing, AI, futuristic topics, etc.  It opened my eyes to many other considerations to think about while designing.

The class structure (only having one class a week) made it a little hard to focus on the projects, so I wish it could have been split up throughout the week, or even a module-style class for part of the semester.  I think the wallet project at the beginning of the semester was not super valuable for the ID students, but I do see how it could be for CS students with not as much exposure to design thinking.  Maybe during that time the two disciplines could be split up and the ID students could be learning about basic coding or something—definitely something I wish I had learned a little of.


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