Tuesday, May 1st
Please post your final presentation on the class team google drive and your personal reflection on the blog. The blog post should describe your final project experience and your thoughts on the UX class. Please post by 5pm on Tuesday.

Friday, March 2nd

1. A description of your target stakeholder (e.g. a persona(s))
2. Sketches of your project idea and concept
3. A storyboard of the projected experience of engaging with or using your project
4. List of possible items (include cost) your team might need to complete your project

Friday, February 23rd
1. Problem Statement with visuals:
“1 in 3 seniors over the age of 65 will experience a fall this year. 7 in 10 in home accidents happen within the bathroom.” Please cite the source of your data defining the problem. Look to reputable sources (not wikipedia), organizations like the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization, UN etc.

Problem Statement

2. Design actionable prompt, phrased as a question:
“How can design help prevent falls?”

From such a prompt, you should be able to brainstorm design solutions that will serve as the foundation for you team projects getting started.

On Friday, be prepared to present these two deliverables in the form of slides to the class along with any preliminary promising ideas you have brainstormed so far.

Aim for Friday, February 9th, by 12 noon
Post some possible ideas that you/your group are interested in exploring for your final project.

Due Wednesday, February 7th, by 10pm
Make a team blog post containing 1) your final presentation materials (PDF preferred); 2) a tagline describing the essence of your final concept; 3) a persona of your target end-user; and 4) a response to one of the feedback post-its your team received during the critique. Make sure to annotate your post with the names of all team members.

Due Thursday, January 25th, by 10pm
1) Read the two texts listed on the Readings and Media page. Write a short paragraph (4 – 5 sentences) outlining a comment or question you have in response to the texts. Post this on the blog with appropriate tags and categories. This is an individual exercise.

2) Create a blog post about your team’s concepts for the wallet exercise. Your post should contain short written descriptions of each idea and some sketches. This is a team exercise.