Week 1 Reading Response


The article seemed to demonstrate that focusing more on efficiency can worsen one’s user experience. I agree that it does seem to be the case for most situations. However, I think that it is still possible to achieve a balance of the two because sometimes it can be beneficial to be efficient or to have a better user experience. It would depend on the use case scenario of one’s needs. Interdisciplinary cooperation between two distinct fields should help bridge together efficiency along with user experience.


The article presented a framework composed of multiple threads that provides some use to analysis of design. I think that one problem with this approach of analysis is that it hard to have a finite framework as other components could easily be added or considered as well. The benefit to the approach of having the framework is that there is terminology that help describe user experience. When analyzing a user’s experience going through an online shopping website, I found it interesting that the user was able to describe his experience and be placed within threads.