Project Focus

Pivot: Specified our focus from overall from a new form of commerce to promoting financial wellness in the younger generations.


Problem statement: Through design, how do we promote financial awareness and responsibility in the younger generations?

Primary User:

  • Knows how to use products
  • Needs help to stay on budget
  • Soon if not already going t be more financially independent (living on their own or going to university)
  • Likes their phone applications except their mobile banking app (very confusing, often inaccurate, not updated fast enough)
  • Into the latest trends in tech and fashion

Secondary user:

  • Needs a way to get their daughter or son to be more responsible with their finances
  • Doesn’t want to be an overbearing parent but would like to have an overview of their children’s finances
  • Uses applications but wants to be able to be on the same learning curve as their children
  • Notices kids either leave their wallets at home or dont use them at all.

Concept Sketches:




Jacob Tessier, Alan Liu, Jacob Heuman, Gregory Borbon

Update for March 2nd


Ted: From a rural area and has been paying attention to the several water crisis across the country (such as the one in flint). And is now concerned about his water quality in his home.  Currently he has to buy disposable testing kits or send tests to 3rd parties.  He wants a way to frequently monitor his water quality.

Dianna:  Dianna is a mother of 4 who lives in California.  Recent water shortages have made water conservation a big concern/desire of hers.  She as of now, does not have a way to keep track of her family’s water usage, and would like to be able to keep track of this throughout the month.






Items we may possibly need:

Raspberry Pi(~$40)/Arduino(~$20) (some sort of computing)


Temperature: Adafruit temperature sensor($14)

Water Flow: Liquid Flow Meter – Plastic ½” NPS Threaded($10)

PH Sensor: PH Sensor kit($150)

Turbidity: Turbidity Detection Sensor($92)

LCD: LCD Display($40)

Internet: GSM Shield($150)

TDS, water flow, bacteria?, temperature?

Team: Andrew Walraven, Nathan Eggleston, Jad Sidi-yekhlef