Final Reflection

Tuesday, May 1st Please post your final presentation on the class team google drive and your personal reflection on the blog. The blog post should describe your final project experience and your thoughts on the UX class. Please post by 5pm on Tuesday.

My final project experience was uncomfortable but enjoyable. I had to push myself a lot in areas that I was not completely used to! Especially with 3D printing which required me to learn one of my weakness which is Computer aided Industrial design. I also had a pretty good experience trying to understand the dynamics between CS and industrial design!

One of my biggest qualms with the class is that I would’ve enjoyed learning more about the basics of coding like coding jargon, the programs that are needed in UI/UX field (sketch, invision, axure, adobe xd) and anything else that we need to really pursue the field. The field is growing immensely but so is the competition behind it! We need the proper knowledge and understanding for us to know how to navigate to companies that are going to help us improve ourselves as ui/ux designers/developers.

I would like to say thank you for pushing us! This class was definitely a push. There were times that I wished to have it a little bit slower paced but in the end the class worked out. The project has been one of my favorites. I do think that this class can branch out to further into a bigger part and hopefully if there are more UI/UX opportunities I will definitely  be willing to partake again!

End of Semester Reflection

Final Project thoughts:

I actually really enjoyed working on the final project for the most part.  Considering the amount of time that we had to work on it and the amount of things that we wanted to get done, it got a little stressful toward the end, but I believe everything worked out in the end.  I believe that my group worked very well together, as well.  We had disagreements like any other group, but I think we were able to work through those well.  I mentioned this in class, but I feel like this project would have gone over even better if the CS people had access to the software that ID students have.  I know this varies by project, but our personal project was definitely more ID heavy than CS heavy, which put a lot of weight onto the ID students.  Of course the CS students did their parts, but I feel like a lot of the pressure would have been taken off of the ID students if we had, had the option to use their software.


UX Class Experience:

To be completely honest, I did not know what to expect from this class.  I didn’t even know what it was when I signed up.  My adviser told me that I need a 3xxx class and suggested this one since she had good things about both professors.  Since I didn’t come in with any expectations, I can’t say that it did or didn’t meet my expectations.  I can say, however, that I thoroughly enjoyed this class.  I liked being able to actually work and do things with my hands, instead of coding all day long.   As I said in my above paragraph, my project was definitely more ID heavy, so I was able to do a bit more on the ID side than what some other students did.  This was also my first integrated course, and I found that I liked it a lot better than what I thought.  I was a little concerned about working with students from a different major.  I know that CS students have a particular way of working, and I was concerned that CS students’ way of working and ID students’ way of working would clash and cause problems, but I am very glad to say it didn’t turn out that way.

As other students said in class, I kind of wish that we had, had more time to work on the big project longer.  Other than that, I don’t really have any kind of constructive criticism.  I personally liked having the class one day week.  It did make travelling for weekends difficult, but that’s more of personal problem.  I really enjoyed this class and have recommended it to all students who are looking for a 3xxx class.

Class Reflection

The CS class has been an introduction into a new world of innovation. The part I feel I took away from the most was the amount of ways design has delved into new industries I haven’t even thought of. When people told me User Interface I was completely ignorant to what that actually meant. I know understand that it is ore than just designing screens for a phone or tablet. It truly means the whole experience of interacting with a product or service. When I apply that ideology with my design thinking it completes the whole journey of a product. Before I would think of products or services in fragments and I would try to piece together the experience which often made my user journeys feel cohesive or at times un-resolved.

Walking away from this class it has certainly sparked an interest in how we share information with each other and third parties. I was always aware that my information was never truly private which is why I was always careful what I put out on the internet. What I wasn’t aware of was how my information was being used and that I actually have more power to distribute the information i put out there than I think.

Overall I would say the class was very informative and insightful. It laid a foundation for successful steps to collaborate with people outside my industry.

End of Semester Reflection

I would have to say my thoughts on how this class was going to go was different from how the class actually went. It was an interesting experience overall though.

I would have liked to learn more about the processes UX designers take(and compare that to what we learn in our HCI courses). One big thing that I wish I could’ve gotten from this class would be learning about what applications other students used for efficient prototyping and presentation design. A class like this is really cool and allows different majors to work together so they can better understand each other and better prepare for working in industry. That being said, if the different majors only work on things they already know, it doesn’t really help anyone learn. Overall, I think this class was valuable in different ways and I would definitely take it again if I had to redo this semester.

When it comes to the final project, I think getting more time to work on it (if the class stays one day a week) would go a long way. In addition, having hard deadlines, that were announced in advanced, throughout the class might have been more helpful. I wish knowledge could have been better shared throughout my project group but I’m happy with our end product. I think working with different types of people can be very beneficial for our futures.

Final Reflection

  • FINAL PROJECT EXPERIENCE: The final project really came together within the last two to three weeks of the deadline. We started really slow with it but when the deadline approached and deliverables were asked for, it really kicked us into high gear. I’m really happy with the point we were at by the end and I think we made a really solid prototype that worked to the standards we wanted. The biggest struggle of the whole project was meeting together as a group. We all had different schedules and to find time for all of us to get together was very difficult, however to counter that struggle we met in twos and threes if we were unable to get all four of us together. We also divided the work up to each person so that we could work on our own time on our own respective parts. The other big struggle was that this project required so much attention that it took away from the time I could have used to make my studio project better. However that being said, I enjoyed this project and the outcome more so than what I made in studio. We hope to potentially go further with our project during time we will have in the summer.


  • UX CLASS THOUGHTS: This was a class that is very similar to studio in the sense that we had a project to complete by a deadline. What was different was the activities we did throughout the project such as the “act out your product” activity or the one with the three cards. I found these activities very helpful in brainstorming and getting excited about the project we were working on which is something that is not always the case within studio. I also gained experience with wiring and making an electronic function to a very small degree. What I wish I could have learned more of was the basis of coding or at least some beginner knowledge on how it works because to me it’s still just a bunch of letters and numbers and I do not know how it fits together. This class was pretty cool overall and I a excited to throw our project into my portfolio, but I do wish that I learned a little more CS knowledge because for the most part I was in charge of ID stuff and the CS counterparts were in charge of the CS stuff which should be expected. If there was a way to almost force us to work on the opposite of what we’re used to working on (CS<->ID) that would be a really cool innovation if this class is repeated again.


I think that working on the project with group members outside of my major was a good experience for me. I was able to learn a lot from my group members since they had knowledge in areas that I didn’t have. They brought a different perspective from mine to the project and showed me new ways of looking at the problem. I think for future classes, having deliverables due on a weekly basis with specific instructions on where the group should be would help a lot for groups to stay organized and on top of their work. I think this way there will be no confusion on what needs to be done for the project at a certain point and group members have a better idea of when to meet up to work on the project.


Taking this UX class was far different from any of the other classes I have taken as a Computer Science student. The class is a lot more engaging and provides useful discussions that are helpful for assignments. The class provided me with something to take back and think about. It was refreshing to go to a class that is far different from the norm and to interact with classmates from different majors.

Reflections–Andrew Walraven

1) Final Project Experience:  Our project certainly got off to a slow start, and we were probably a bit behind for most of the semester, but once we got on top of it, the results came out all right.  For me personally, working on this project really felt like working on a separate studio-level workload alongside my regular studio work.  It was a constant challenge to make sure deadlines were being met for both classes.  In the end, it was satisfying to see our project reach the point of a solid concept pitch, and now I have some new elements to add to my portfolio.

2) UX Class Experience:  Overall, it did not turn out the way I had anticipated.  My expectation was that this was going to be more of an instructional, skill-building course, where we learned how to work on the CS side of design (making apps, websites, programming, etc.)  Rather, it was a more abstract, concept-building course, focused on the “why?” not the “how?.”  It certainly was an interesting subject, and I enjoyed our discussions about AI, robotics, ethics of computer science and engineering, social science, etc.  After dipping my feet in a bit, I think that I don’t want to pursue UX design as a career path (instead, focus on product design), but I consider it valuable experience nonetheless.